When you look for the good in others, you’ll discover the best in yourself,

When you look for the bad in others, you’ll never find your weaknesses

Monday, June 22, 2009

The Busy Man

If you want to get a favor done by some obliging friend,
And want a promise, safe and sure, on which you may depend,
Don’t go to him who always has much leisure time to plan,
But if you want your favor done, just ask the busy man.

The man with leisure never has a moment he can spare,
He’s always “putting off” until his friends are in despair.
But he whose every waking hour is crowded full of work
Forgets the art of wasting time, he cannot stop to shirk.

So when you want a favor done, and want it right away,
Go to the man who constantly works twenty hours a day.
He’ll find a moment, sure, somewhere, that has no other use.
And help you, while the idle man is framing an excuse.

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